The Courage to Change What We Can


Innovative coaching that will make you say...W.H.E.W.!


Business Coaching Services

Hello, I'm Julia(left). Hello, I'm LaShawn(right). We are W.H.E.W.!

W.H.E.W.! is a faith based business with the needs of people in mind. 

Our mission is to provide services that will equip and enable women to achieve a changed mindset, discover their passion, and transform their passion into a business.

Our vision is to make W.H.E.W.! the service of choice for women everywhere. 

Our innovative coaching services will bring real results and change lives by helping people overcome barriers, fears, and traditional beliefs that prove to be stumbling blocks to success . The purpose and goals of W.H.E.W.! is to champion individuals, entrepreneurs, and families desires to become successful and prosperous in their gifts and talents. W.H.E.W.! offers business coaching services, computer training, tutoring, coaching on marriage/relationship, life issues, finances and much more. 

Our values and practices are founded on the Word of God and real life experience. 

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